Roady4Roadies Ambassadors

Roady4Roadies wish to thank and acknowledge our 2021 ambassadors. The artists (and the music) are the very reason why crew do what we do. To those who have put up their hand and are supporting their crew, we say THANK YOU!

Iva Davies (Icehouse)

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ICEHOUSE has been playing shows for a very long time – and we would not have been able to without our Crew.

Due to the Pandemic, road crew have done it tougher than most in the last year and Roady4Roadies is a chance for all crew - and artists – to come together and support one another.

Missy Higgins

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"I’m in endless awe at the professionalism of music crew, how hard they work and the standard they work to. Us artists literally could not do what we do without a highly skilled team of men and women behind the scenes making it all happen.

"But it's a really tough job, working crazy long hours and away from home months at a time. It takes its toll on mental and physical health. Then throw into the mix the past year with restrictions on live events, it’s just been devastating for so many music workers and their families who suddenly found themselves unable to make ends meet.

"We need events like Roady4Roadies more than ever right now, so we can show our support and raise some much needed funds for these amazing men and woman who’ve always been the backbone of what we do."

Photo: Cybele Malinowski

The Badloves

badloves 960x640

"In a good year the music game is a trapeze act minus the financial safety net. But this last year was not a good year.  So many of our music brethren have been left hanging by a thread, none more so than our incredible road crew community.

"It hurts to see such a highly valued and skilled workforce disrespected and cast aside in a time of need by Federal Govt. bean counters.

"While the moral vacuum in continues in Canberra, committed groups like CrewCare and Support Act step up and get behind those crew, and their families, doing hard time.

"I'm proud to be associated with Roady4Roadies in drawing attention to such an inspiring work community.

"If you've been fortunate enough to witness what roadies can achieve in a single days work, you'll know never to  underestimate this mob!"

Photo: Ilana-Rose

Vika & Linda Bull


vika and linda 2 960x640

"Our road crew family have enabled us to do what we love for so long, it’s a team effort!

"And we adore them."

Paul Dempsey (Something For Kate)

Paul Dempsey 960x640

"Road crew are absolutely the unsung heroes of our industry. They literally make our events possible from the sound, to the lights, to the stages we stand on and they do it all with a professionalism and a passion to make sure that audience members and performers alike all have a great experience. Day after day, show after show, year after year.
No matter how punishing the schedule, after 25 years in this industry, I have only ever seen total professionalism and commitment from the road crew I’ve had the pleasure of working with, they are a special breed and they love their work. It’s all about the show.
"2020 brought a different kind of punishing schedule to our crew people across Australia so it is a wonderful thing to have events like Roady4Roadies and organisations like Crew Care and Support Act that give us all an opportunity to show our appreciation for the dedicated individuals that make our gigs possible and to offer them real support in challenging times."
Photo by Cybele Malinowski

Brian Richie (The Violent Femmes)

bian richie 960x640

"The crew are the backbone of a generally spineless industry. They are the Bodhisattvas of music, guiding artists and audiences to enlightenment, while they themselves lug gear and sleep on top of it in the van.

"They are the invisible heroes of the performance world."

Photo by Jesse Hunniford/Mona

Catherine Britt

Catherine Britt 960x640

"Roadies are the often overlooked backbone of live music and touring.

"They’re the first at the venue to set up and the last to pack down and leave before often driving through the night to the next town to do it all again.

"We need to support our crews especially right now while our live industry is suffering so greatly."

King Canyon

king canyon 960x640

It seems so obvious when you think about it, that it’s the roadies that literally do all the heavy lifting to make our jobs even possible. They’re the first ones we turn to when there’s a problem and often the last ones to get a pat on the back (or enough time for a shower).

The past year has left our industry in ruins, and the road crew workers are doing it really tough.  They need our help and support like never before so Roady4Roadies is an absolute necessity.

Roady4Roadies wish to thank our industry sUPPORTERS


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